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Der Guardian hat eine ganze Reihe sehr interessanter Videos zur Eröffnung von data.gov.uk, dem Datenkatalog der englischen Regierung veröffentlicht. Sehr bedauerlich, dass man die Videos nicht in andere Webseiten einbinden kann. Deshalb hier die Links mit Kurzbeschreibung. Mein Tipp: Anschauen lohnt sich!

World wide web inventor talks about how he persuaded Gordon Brown to open UK government data to the public

Stephen Timms, Minister for Digital Britain, addresses the launch of data.gov.uk – an online portal for all government-held data

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web, and Professor Nigel Shadbolt present the reasons and their vision for opening government data on the Web at the launch of data.gov.uk at the Guardian

Filmed live at the launch of data.gov.uk, Tim Berners-Lee, Nigel Shadbolt, Richard Allan and Chris Taggart join the Guardian’s technology director Mike Bracken to discuss the issues and opportunities surrounding the release of government data

Ein weiterer lesenswerter Artikel zum Thema: UK’s free data website ‘is a world showcase’

The UK has become a world showcase for open government data, with the launch today of a government website hosting 2,500 public data sets – more than the best-known rival, data.gov in the US. The official launch by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, and Nigel Shadbolt, professor of computer science at Southampton University, comes just under a year after Berners-Lee met prime minister Gordon Brown, who was hosting a dinner for recipients of the Order of Merit.

“Gordon Brown said to me, ‘How should the UK make the best use of the internet?’ and I replied that the government should just put all of its data on it,” Berners-Lee recalled. “And he said ‘OK, let’s do it’.”

Making data free has multiple benefits, Berners-Lee said: the public has in effect already paid for it through taxes; people can find patterns in the data that might not otherwise be obvious; and there is huge potential for new businesses, which would bring in tax revenues.

The inventor of the world wide web and his fellow government advisor on how they created data.gov.uk

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