Open government data in Norwegen

Die Projektgruppe “Department of Information Science and Media Studies” an der Universität von Bergen über die letzten Monate eine Untersuchung mit den Mitarbeitern staatlicher Stellen und Behörden der öffentlichen Verwaltung zum Thema “open government data” durchgeführt. Ziel der Untersuchung war herauszufinden wie die aktuelle Praxis der einzelnen Behörden aussieht und welche Perspektiven für die Freigabe der Daten in offenen Formaten für die uneingeschränkte, maschinenlesbare Verwendung und Weiterverarbeitung bestehen. Den ganze Bericht gibt es hier Project Report “Fakta først” (pdf, 14 MB). Hier die englische Zusammenfassung von Olav Anders Øvrebø:

The public sector collects and generates vast amounts of data. In recent years the interest in re-using public, non-personal data has been increasing among citizens, groups and companies outside the public sector. The media, civil society groups, businesses and private citizens can use public data as “raw material” to create new services, new insight and economic value. Efficient re-use of public data requires that public sector agencies inform about their data sources and make data available in relevant formats.

Practice varies strongly between Norwegian public sector agencies in different subject areas and across administrative levels (state/regional/local), this fact finding project from August to December 2009 has revealed. Some agencies offer detailed information about their data sources and have made data available for download. However, a major part of the agencies assessed offer insufficient or no information about data sources on the homepage of their websites. Here a fundamental requirement for the re-use of data is missing. The impression of varying interest and unused potential is amplified by the results of a survey among state agencies:

  • Two thirds of respondents say their agency possesses data with potential for re-use that is not utilized today.
  • The survey on the other hand suggests that the subject of open data is on the agenda in many agencies; more than six out of ten say they plan to make more data available for re-use during the coming year.

The survey shows that increased costs and the concern that external groups will misunderstand the data and misinform the public are cited as the two greatest obstacles against more data being made available. In addition, interviews with public sector agency employees suggest that the topic of making data available is new to some agencies.

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